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  • Published: April 2, 2013
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yClear Sound R2D2: A concert in your living room
Clear Sound R2D2: A concert in your living room

It has been said music is emotions expressed through sound. We at Clear Sound believe that music is not just an art or a since but it is emotion, life, a universal constant. We realized to understand music we must first understand sound. 10 years ago Clear Sound co-founders acoustic engineer Dave Parry and acclaimed Hollywood composer James Horner decided to join hands to create a unique and visually stunning audio systems that befit the art. The rush of hearing your favourite song live at a concert can now be experienced in the comfort of your living room. The Clear Sound R2D2 with its award winning design by James Stumbledown features some of the latest most cutting edge sound design technologies in the world. * Natura Adaptive® acoustics that can self-adapt to any room that the sound system may be placed in to deliver the best quality surround sound to you. * Wireless Speakers no more ugly wiring and frustrating tangles to bother about * TOTW® intelligent control unit not only delivers high quality sound but also listens to what you are listening and when connected to the internet can generate smart playlists and suggest similar music. * Seamless integration R2D2 features an integration package that allows you to connect to any device that plays audio wirelessly. * Call us now on 1800-123-1234 for a free demo at home or visit www.clearsound and stand a chance to win a Clear Sound R2D2 system. Call us now on 1800-123-1234 for a free demo at home or visit www.clearsound and stand a chance to win a Clear Sound R2D2 system. Beyond Acoustic Range speakers also play sound that is slightly above and below normal listening range so you cannot just hear it but also feel every little vibration that is a part of good music

Dear Mr Doe
Thank you for showing interest in our product. We are pleased to inform you that as of 27-10-2012 we have started selling Clear Sound in the United Kingdom. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our signature award winning R2D2 sound system tailor-made for connoisseurs of fine music. The R2D2 is not just one of the most technologically advanced sound system in the world but also a piece of art in fact Zach Gelfanikis, Chief Curator of the Guggenheim museum in New York calls it “… a master piece fit for an art collection” The R2D2 exhibition piece at the Guggenheim

It all began ten years ago when Acoustic engineer Dave Parry and renowned Hollywood composer James Horner who’s has composed scores for films like Titanic, Avatar, Brave heart to name a few, joined hands to create “ acoustic art” that is the R2D2 sound system. The R2D2 is also packed with revolutionary audio technology that exceeds anything else available in the market today. Our team of acoustic engineer and designers have gone down in to the depths of understanding sound and how the human ear reacts to it.

The Human Technology department at Clear Sound endeavours to create not just an excellent product but a product t that is tailored for the human ear. According to a survey conducted by the Financial Times ,80% of people who purchase high end sound systems complain about sound clarity. Imagine yourself in a concert with when your favourite song is played and that tingly sensation you feel down your back, that is what we strive to deliver to you in the comfort and safety of your house. R2D2 at a Glance :

* Upto 4000 Watts of RMS sound
* 2 X D2 Natura Accoustic adaptive smart speakers
* TOTW smart controller with wireless music streaming
* 160 GB of flash memory with a free 500GB Clear Stream ™account * Clear Stream ™ Wireless technology

Imagine being at Abbey Road Studio during the recording of the Dark Side of the Moon or Mozart perform for the Aristocracy of Salzburg or Omaha beach on D-day the sounds of the D2 speaker systems will teleport...
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