Coptic Orthodox Christian

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A social category that I mostly fit in would be my religion, which is a Coptic Orthodox Christian. Frequently, I characterize my friends, family, and myself as being inside this social category because of our beliefs towards our religion. Concerning my religion, every Sunday there is a youth meeting that I attend that focuses on the meaning of being a Coptic Orthodox Christian. Going to these meetings and listening to the discussions opened up my mind on how much my religion means to me. Membership to my religion would be considering me a “servant” to my church. Being a servant means that you would have to help out around the church, volunteer during events, and attend classes that will help you become a better servant. Honestly, my connection to my religion has not changed over time because it is like something included in my daily schedule. Meaning that every day I have to visit my church and help around with anything that needs to be done.

Being valuable to my church and my religion would be a feeling I have always felt because of how important they are to me. There are many things I volunteered and helped in that made me feel as if I was an important part of my church community, one of them being an actor in a church play that I am practicing for these couple of days. Joining this group made me feel more confident in myself and helped me realize the values of my religion. When I talk about what I do in my church community nonmembers are very interested and some even wanted to convert from their religion to being a Coptic Orthodox Christian. I was born into this religion, meaning I didn’t have a choice, therefore yes, my religion is an important part of my identity because it reflects towards the kind of person I am.
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