Copper Atom Essay

Topics: Atom, Chemical element, Neutron Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: February 19, 2013
1. You have been hired as a contributing author to a book about the chemical elements and your job is to describe the structure of the copper atom to an audience will little or no training in chemistry. 2. Starting with the three subatomic particles - protons, neutrons, and electrons - inform your readers about the structure and character of copper atoms. 3. You may use standard electron configuration symbolism, but you should include a brief explanation of its interpretation. 4. Your essay should be reasonably brief but accurate, and answer the questions identified in “Guiding Questions”. You are expected to include correct HTML formatting for subscripts, superscripts, and paragraphs as explained in the HTML link under "Resources." In studying the resources and writing your text consider the issues raised by the following questions: 5. What are the main components that make up the atom and how are they arranged? 6. How many stable copper isotopes should be described? What are their compositions and abundances? 7. How many electrons are there in the copper atom, and why that particular number? 8. How are the electrons distributed in the shells, subshells, and orbitals of copper? What type of magnetic character do atoms of copper exhibit?

An atom is the most basic unit of an element. It is comprised of three different subatomic particles- protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons are positively charges particles. The quantity of protons an atom of an element contains determines the atomic number of the element, and therefore its placement on the periodic table. Neutrons are neutral particles, meaning they have no charge. Different samples of an element may differ in the number of neutrons its atom contains. This does not change the chemical reactivity of an element. Protons weigh relatively the same as neutrons. These two subatomic particles are found in the nucleus and their sum accounts for the mass number, or...
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