Coppa Bis/220

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30 July 2012
Melanie Becker

In today’s society the whole world almost has access to the internet; with over two billion people accessing the internet daily and seeing a 528.1% increase in the total internet user population since 2000 computer have not only been a way that people now conduct their business but is now the main line of communication. With over two billion people on the internet, and the number growing parents and the government became increasingly worried with what and who children could access and could access them; this led to the FTC intervening and creating COPPA.

With technology advancing and more children are having access to the web and different social networking sites, many provisions had to be put in place to help children be protected from the lures of different online websites. The websites on the internet require the constant collection of data for marketing purposes and for third party disclosure as well. However, with the creation of COPPA this would no longer be allowed, and it would make it so that websites had to more safely secure children user information such as their names, ages, and addresses.

COPPA was created in 1998 and went into effect 21 April 2000; this law deals with the online collection of personal information from children who are under the age of 13. In addition to the collection of information it also limited or created restricted access of harmful materials to minors, and made it illegal to market products or information to children under the age of 13. Furthermore, it requires the operator or the website to take extra measures in securing the information collected from children. Lastly, in the provisions of COPPA it required operators of the websites which were aimed for children with the purpose of collecting information from these children to retain parental or guardian consent, making all the information which was collected available upon the parental request. While...
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