Coping with Stress

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Coping with everyday stress can sometimes be a problem for most people including myself. Maintaining a home, doing school work, and paying bills are three of the main stressors in my life. I have come up with different coping methods that help me day to day. Developing a routine, utilizing school facilities, and establishing a budget help me to cope with everyday stressors.

Developing a routine within the home is essential to a less stressful life. I have set aside time from each day of the week to be able to get tasks done at home. I have found that Mondays usually work well for grocery shopping. I am then able to shop for the whole week and plan my meals for that week. I also cook dinner around the same time every night. Having meals at the same time allow me to plan out the rest of my night. In addition I set aside a day each week to clean and do odd tasks around the house. A household routine has become essential because it helps me with time management.

Utilizing school facilities, such as the library and computer labs, allows me to complete homework on time and successfully. By scheduling time to study and complete homework assignments, I am able to remain focused on school work and deadlines for further success in my college courses. Through the available resources the school has to offer, I am able to eliminate distractions I may incur when studying at home. Also, by separating school obligations and home responsibilities I am able to set time aside for my family and other leisure activities to help decrease my stress.

Developing a budget every month allows for a less stressful time when paying bills. On paydays, I set aside funds that go towards monthly expenses. A portion of my budget is used toward food and gas. The remainder of my funds, are transferred into my savings account and are utilized for larger purchases, entertainment and possible emergencies. I have found that budgeting helps me to be more responsible for paying my bills, and to...
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