Coping with Culture Shock

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Foreword 1

Culture Shock: Definition 1

Our Approach to the topic 1

What causes culture shock? 2

A model of culture shock 2

Specific details of the culture shock 3

Help yourself 3

Benefits 4

Conclusion 4

Reference 5


After some discussion, we decided to choose this topic collectively which is more related to our life and seemed as the most interesting one that we can research further. As the exchange students with the culture of our respective countries, we have suffered and are suffering this culture shock. So it is the best topic which is so related to our daily life during our exchange.

Culture Shock: Definition

Adler's (1975) definition about the culture shock:

“Culture shock is primarily a set of emotional reactions to the loss of perceptual reinforcements from one's own culture, to new cultural stimuli which have little or no meaning, and to the misunderstanding of new and diverse experiences” (p. 13).

Kealey (1978) stressed this interaction between individual and environment:

“It is not the new culture or environment itself that CAUSES the upset. Rather it is one-self in contact with the new environment that creates the physical/emotional upset” (p. 48).

Culture shock is usually described as the feelings and anxiety when a person enters an unfamiliar social or cultural environment with a different way of life. On the one hand culture shock will cause some people can’t adapt to the new environment when some people has to face the new culture which can’t be understood. On the other hand it can be seen as a challenge to our assumptions about life. In order to integrate into the new environment better, we have to reinvent our way of live when we are in a different culture and we discover that some things we have taken for granted can work completely different in other cultures.

Our Approach to the topic

The purpose of this article is to show what culture shock is and how to deal with it, and we will use our real-life examples to explain these concepts. First, the report will talk about what causes culture shock and display a model of culture shock. Second, we will give some specific details of the culture shock. Third, discuss how people adapt to a new culture. And then, the report will talk about the benefits after you overcome the culture shock. Finally, there is our conclusion.

What causes culture shock?

Culture shock is caused by unfamiliarity with the new country, inability to speak the language fluently or understand the many new idioms, and not knowing how to behave in an unfamiliar culture. Not only is the language different, but gestures, facial expressions, and traditions are also different. Something as simple as a greeting could be enough to make someone fells uncomfortable and out of place. Newcomers can sometimes feel like children because they cannot understand all these new things at once.

A model of culture shock

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