Coping Mechanisms of Students Staying in Boarding Houses

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  • Published: October 2, 2012
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Background of the Study
All persons are, in one way or another, concerned with making their lives happier and more effective. Students have varied reasons for attending college. Some wish to prepare for a chosen professional career. Others desire to broaden their knowledge and competence so they can more wisely choose their lifework. Many hope to build a firm general foundation for whatever career is readily available. A few go to make their parents happy; some may wish to “keep in the swim” with their friends. (Lazarus, 1976).

Teenagers are always protected by parents; they are the ones who decide for what they should be and what must be done and what must be their choices in life. They are always dependent on their mother or father to make decisions. Being a student living far from parents and making decisions out of you would be very hard; especially if it is the first time you will be leaving the way you used to live your life. Without the parents’ daily advices, there are of course some decisions that are hard to decide whether you make this or that, there are circumstances after that. The students staying in boarding houses would be a little worry of their life in a place where he or she does not know anything to a person he or she will be living with for a period of time. (Lazarus, 1976).

According to Lazarus (1976) many college students fail to achieve the maximum of happiness and efficacy in college because they are homesick. Perhaps they have never before been away from home for a prolonged period. Ideally they should have been prepared for attendance at college by having been weaned away from home by previous shorter periods of separation.

It is important for the students to experience an actual separation to loved ones because it will help them realize that it is a good opportunity for them to live independently and for their own growth and development as a matured person. In this time, they will experience stress, or pressure they cannot handle wherein their emotional capability will be tested, and their adaptation to new environment will be tested too if they can deal with it successfully, they can learn on how to interact with others and to make decisions by themselves. Being a student far from parents there are problems that they will encounter and will serve as a challenge to test their personality development. Being a student, their social adaptability is also seen on how they can communicate, interact, or express themselves and this will open his or her world wherein he is the one who will decide. It is in his or her own way on how he or she contacts with her classmates, board mates and professors. There are questions like how to spend their money, how can they make friends, are their new classmates and board mates can be trusted, how much time he or she will spend with his or her studies and for the idle time. These questions are typically the questions asked by boarding students from the time they live independently and these are also questions that they answer by themselves, they are from now on the ones who will solve their problems. There are also problems that they encounter like if they experience problems with studies, if their money is not enough especially if the allowance is just enough for a week and then suddenly buy or some expenses will be encountered and they give their money for that. It is hard for them to get their money in that fast especially if their town is very far from Lucena City. Some students see this living independently as a good time for their survival, and for their own maturity and growth as a matured person.

Living in a different place with different people is of course not that easy to do especially if you are pampered, monitored and very dependent to parents. Being a matured person you should of course focus on your life as a boarder on how you can live without the help from parents. Interacting with new people...
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