Copa Mundials

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Copa Mundial Cleats

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Copa Mundial Cleats

Copa Mundial soccer cleats “Copas” have stood the test of time being one of the most popular cleats since 1982. The cleats were first manufactured in 1979, but became popular during the 1982 world cup in Spain. Copa Mundial is Spanish for “world cup.” These worldwide best selling cleats have been worn by many famous soccer players and are still worn by many today. They are also one of the most popular rugby cleats worn.

Adrian Lopez- Wigan Athletic Stephane Sessegnon - Sunderland

Each pair of Copa Mundials are hand made from Kangaroo leather by a team of Adidas technicians in Scheinfield, Germany. The creators of this famous boot were Adolf “Adi” Dassler and Franz Schacher. This shoe has helped create the image most people think of when they hear “soccer cleats.” They were created with a classic black and white design that is still represented today. The cleat has gone through very minimal changes since it was first created. They have always been produced with kangaroo leather, a foam insole for comfort, synthetic lining, direct-injected outsole for optimized fit and comfort, durable firm ground outsole for firm natural grounds, and additional leather supports extending from the heel to provide increased durability and stability. This design was created for optimal touch and ball control. Kangaroo leather has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is 50% stronger than goatskin. The kangaroo leather molds to your foot within a small “break-in” period. This meaning as soon as you buy the cleats they are ready to be worn in an active situation. One of the more interesting aspects of the Copa Mundials is the tongue. “The tongue on the Copa is very unique. It is longer than a regular tongue and can be worn in many different ways. Some people like to cut it off where it meets the ankle. Others like to leave it loose, so it sits along the font of the shin. Another way is to tuck it under the cuff of the boot, just above the laces.” (Bryan. Expert Boot Reviewer at ) The tongue is one of the unique features that make the Copas stand out among the competition. Another aspect that differs from most cleats on the market today are the shoelaces. The laces are made abnormally long that way they can be wrapped around the cleat giving it a tighter fit to your foot. However some people prefer to cut the laces to a length they find more reasonable or buy a new pair of laces.

Copas have been one of the most popular cleat brands since they were created and they still are today. They have ranked in the top ten on many surveys of the best cleats. Some examples are:

#3| The 25 Best Cleats of All Time by| #5| The Top Ten Football Boots of All Time by| #1| The 10 Best Men’s Football Boots by The Independent news |

The retail price for these cleats are about $109.00 US dollars. The wholesale price that is sold to companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods and other retailers is about $65.00 and the price to make each pair is approximately $45.00.

The Copa Mundials can be purchased from a variety of different locations. They are sold online at the Adidas website as well as in most sporting good stores. These cleats are often in stock at any location and can be found wherever soccer cleats are sold.

These cleats have been around for over 30 years so most soccer players are familiar with Copa Mundials. They have their own Wikipedia page and Facebook page. Many famous soccer players today wear these cleats, thus being a constant reminder of their advantages and popularity. Consumer

The main consumers of these cleats are men 30-40 years old. However, the target market for these cleats are male and female soccer players ages 13 and above.

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