Coordinating Media to Build Brand Equity

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Coordinating Media To Build Brand Equity


In developing effective integrated marketing communications programs, marketing communications must sometimes be explicitly tied together to create or enhance brand equity. Brand equity is very important. After reviewing the nature of the problem, proposes, alternative strategies as soluation

Factors Creating Weak Brand Links:

Few factors create weak bran link. These ares-

Competitive Clutter:
Advertisement competing with other advertisement quiet similar in the product category can create interference & consumer confusion as to which ad goes with which brand. Interference problem is arising because of targeting the same consumer by the authority of advertising organization. For example, an analysis of one week of prime time television advertising found that of the 57 commercials that ran in an average hour, 24, or 42%, faced at least one competitor running an ad during that same time period.

Ad Content & Structure:
Factors are related to the content & structure of the ad itself can result in weak links from the brand to communication effects created by the exposure of the ad. For example, advertisers have a vast range of creative strategies & techniques at their disposal to improve consumer motivation & lead to greater involvement & enhanced ad processing on their part. Although these “borrowed interest” tactics may effectively grab consumer’s attention for an ad, the resulting focus of attention & processing may be directed in a manner that does not create strong brand associations. For example, when the popular actor James Garner was advertising for Polaroid, marketing research surveys routinely noted that many interview respondents mistakenly attributed his promotion to Kodak, its chief competitor. Moreover when these attention-getting creative tactics are employed, the position & prominence of the brand in the ad are often downplayed. Delaying brand identification or providing few...
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