Coopmart Vission & Mission

Topics: Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City, Enthusiasm Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: November 28, 2012
With its wholehearted service and continuous desire to grow, Coopmart affirms its position as the leading supermarket brand in VN and expansion to different areas of the country with the purpose of bringing the best benefits to all the people and community.

Coopmart is attached to and cares for its customer with full understanding and complete dedication. Coopmart always try its best to improve itself in order to bring satisfaction and realistic values and benefits to all the people and community.

Cultural values:
* Whole-hearted service:
Our whole-hearted service originates from the passion to serve and the deep customer understanding. * Constant improvement:
We ceaselessly enhance our goods and services in order to bring new experiences to customers. * Continuous desire to grow:
We crave for the rise to perfection to bring more practical values and benefits to customers. * Reaching out to customers:
We always dedicate towards sustainable development which is associated with the interests of the community.

* Objectives until the end of 2009:
* Open 4 more supermarkets in VN.
* Achieve the target of 20 Co-op Food stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

* Objective from 2010-2015:
- Open an average of 10 Co-op Marts every year.
- In 2010, Coopmart supermarket system has to be present in 24 districts and provinces. - At the end of 2012, achieve the target of 20 Co-op Food stores in Ho Chi Minh City. - In 2015, achieve the level of distribution of 1 Co-op Food store every 500 meters in Ho Chi Minh and at least 100 Coopmart supermarkets nationwide.

About quantity:
Successfully construct 100 supermarkets nationwide and achieve the target of 1 convenience Co-op Food store every 500 meters. To achieve this objective, Coopmart chains will be fully supported by Saigon Co-op Investment and Development Jsc (SCID).

About quality:
* “Diversified goods, reasonable...
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