Topics: Strategic management, Management, Cooper Industries Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 19, 2008
Cooper Industries’ is truly in the business of value-added manufacturing. From its criteria used to select acquisitions to its organizational structure, Cooper Industries is constantly trying to uncover opportunities to acquire and divest companies in the pursuit of increasing economies of scope and profitability.

Acquisition Guidelines for Diversification

Cooper has specific, detailed guidelines for its diversification approach. It will only acquire firms that will fit easily into their mold: seeking acquisitions that exhibit stable earnings or countercyclical earning patterns, acquiring products that serve basic and essential needs that are derived from proven technology, and acquiring manufacturing companies that are both high quality and market leaders.

These acquisitions guidelines also exist when looking to acquire companies that would complement their existing product lines. Anytime a company comes aboard it must be able to enhance Cooper’s distribution strategy, strengthen a business unit’s market position, serve a broad customer base, and must broaden its existing product lines.

Adding Value to Cooper Industries

Cooper Industries does not only add value to its products by these detailed guidelines for diversification, but also by its organization structure and management controls. Since Cooper Industries is a large, well diversified firm, it can take advantage of various economies of scope. Transfer pricing is one such economy of scope where the company can accomplish corporate objectives. With transfer pricing, Cooper Industries can spread out costs over a wider area and allow products and technology to be used throughout the company.

Cooper Industries also does a good job with its internal capital allocation. In compliance with its acquisition guidelines, Cooper Industries not only seeks companies that can add value to its strategy implementation but will also fund such projects. Cooper Industries will fund efforts that...
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