Cooper Green Hospital and the Community Care Plan

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Cooper Green hospital and the Community Care Plan
Nicole Warren
California College San Diego
[ December 13, 2012 ]
Jason Kart

Cooper Green Hospital and the Community Care Plan
When it comes to health care, it’s very hard to afford. People get sick on a daily basis and they start to treat the emergency room as walk-in clinics. The delivering of health care to an indigent population, the lack of communication, education, changes with the US health care system and funding started to become a problem. This is when it was time for Cooper Green Hospital had to make changes. Even though it was about less time waiting and to receive quality medical care for an affordable price, the most important thing for the Cooper Green Hospital was funding. A Strategic Plan

It’s apparent that their focus is on community, affordability, improvements, community care plan, and overcrowding. I think that by aligning with local businesses will help with coverage, self sufficient, potential, and capitated primary care. Also with changes that are most likely to occur in the health environment can help the Cooper Green Hospital. Changes such as regulatory changes which can increase the amounts of government funded health care programs and increased requirements of vaccines and also technological changes which happens on a daily bases. They should think about value chain and competitive advantages. Value chain can help them because it shows how value can be created and can help breakdown of where and how they can adjust their systems and services to improve the business. Competitive advantages can help when used appropriately. Out of all these things I think one thing that can help is the Obama Plan. The Health Reform Act is also known as the Patient Protection Act which will fundamentally change the health care landscape for individuals and employers. Since the Cooper Green Hospital is all about taking care of their patients and providing care to those who are having a...
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