Coonardoo Analysis

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Indigenous Australians, Black people Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Welcome to all of you this afternoon. Today I would like to discuss the concepts of justice which are explored in the novel “Coonardoo” by Katherine Susannah Prichard and in the movie “Remember the Titans” directed by Boaz Yakin.

The theme of social acceptance and rejection that is caused by cultural gap is explored in the literature and film. The composer mentions many Aboriginal practices and uses Aboriginal words and songs intermingles with English to highlight racial separation. As a result to their racial difference, Hugh rejects his affection for Coonardoo whereas Mrs. Bessie is able accept and develop a relationship as a “Mumae” or father to the Aboriginals. Likewise, the film uses a long shot of Alan and Petey facing each other like opponents to establish the relationship between the characters. The path dividing them represents racial separation that is present in 1971. Although the teams eventually overcome their differences and accept one another, the Africans are still rejected by the conservative society as seen in the way the pub owner denies their entrance. The over the shoulder shot shows a perspective from a black member in the team with the pub owner focused in the middle of the frame. This gives him a dominant position in the action and highlights his racist treatment against African Americans. The rejection and acceptance implies that there is a division in the views of society regarding anti-discriminatory ideals.

Furthermore, Injustice in a form of prejudice is conveyed in the texts. Mollie holds a prejudice of how the gins should be slaved when she sees Hugh ordering them around. In the beginning of the film, the white teams refuse to play with the “black animals” under a “coon’s” supervision as they assume that they have “nothing in common”. The prejudices of the characters suggest that there is inequity in the ways people view the minorities as some hold negative preconceived ideas.

Hugh and Garry hold similar characteristic...
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