Cooling Pad for Laptops

Topics: Design, Heat, Mechanical engineering Pages: 9 (2240 words) Published: November 21, 2010
ng pad

Project Title : Laptop Cooling Pad

Student Name: Raghavendra S Mahale
USN Number: 2BV09IP034
Roll Number: 35

Task Description and Scope
* What was Attempted

* The attempt is made to design a New Laptop Cooling Pad. * Laptop Cooling Pad Should work without using Electric Power.

* Why
* Like all machines a laptop requires certain conditions under which it can operate. And one of these, like it is for most electronic devices, is a safe temperature range in which it can work. It’s Normal temperature range is 50-60゚C. As the laptop is being used its temperature goes on increasing. In computers, the cooling of CPU and other components achieved by using of multiple fans but in a laptop in which one fan is almost always operating (which acts as heat evacuation device), unfortunately there is not much space for installation of additional fans. Factors Affecting the temperature of the Laptop.

* The surface on which you keep your laptop. If you keep it on a soft surface that absorbs and retains the heat, the laptop would not have a chance to cool down. * Working in a room where there is no airflow that can increase the temperature * Working in direct Sunlight.

* are working in a room where there is no airflow that can help dissipate the heat from the laptop. * More demanding programs like Photoshop or movies can increase the temperature because of the high demands these programs make on the chips within the laptop. * As we all know that Laptop temperature Goes on increasing on Usage. The normal temperature of the laptop is 50-60゚C. * Higher Temperature influence performance of the Laptop. * Performance of the laptop slow downs, causing frequent reboots. * Continuing to use the laptop when its temperature is high can cause the internal circuits to fail and thus render the laptop unusable. * Hence The Laptop cooling pad is required to maintaine the temperature of Laptop.

* Background Documents
These are few pictures of Laptop Cooling pad which are already available in the market.

The various sourses from which we can gather information are 1. Communication
2. Books
3. Web tools

Communication : Here communication is nothing but talking with the people,in the design process laptop users and The Expertise. Here we ask them questions about the product, clarify our doubts, come to know costumers requirements. And many more things.

I talked to many of my friends and relatives who already use laptops. By talking with t people I came to know many things. What are their requirements, what they expect from the laptop cooler. What featurs it should have etc. Books : The books reffered during the design process

1. Engineering Design process – Yousef Haik 2. Engineering Design Process - A project based introduction - Clive Dyme, Elizabeth J Orwin.And Erik. Web Tools
I visited many web sites for my design project. Few I have listed Below 1.
2. 3.

* Laptop cooling pad should be portable.
* Laptop is personnal Computer designed for mobile use. So laptop coolig Pad has to be portable * It Should be light weight. And should have small size. * It should be of light weight. So that costumer can keep Laptop on his/her lap. * Laptop cooling pad should be cost effective.

* As a costumer u always need product which satisfy ur maximum needs in the minimum Cost. * Laptop cooling pad sould be shock resistant
* Laptop cooling pad shuold be Durable.
* Laptop cooling pad should be maintainance free or low maintainance. * Laptop cooling pad should be Attractive and Stylish....
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