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Cook Children's Physician Network Organization Design
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April 15, 2013


Organization design is the vehicle through which business scheme is executed and characterizes the natural environment in which the gifts of an enterprise are released. To that end, association conceives is a critical business activity setting up the structure by which an enterprise serves its customers and interfaces with the market. With that in brain, it is our contention that organization conceive transcends the proceed of aligning the constituents of a enterprise; instead, it is a critical means for positioning an enterprise for financial achievement by making the structure itself a source of comparable benefit. Through our work with international companies, we have evolved a simple, clear, yet powerful approach to association conceives that can be directed by enterprise leaders at every level. Most importantly, we accept as true it can help companies accomplish the comparable advantage they want.

Organizational Design

Cook Children's Physician Network is a team of physicians and other health care professionals working under the umbrella of Cook Children's Hospital which provides innovate medical care to children living in Texas”.(Cook’s Children, 2013) Cooks Children Network is a 486 bed for profit care network with more than 1649 employees and is under the umbrella of the Cooks Children Health service Inc. The Network is run by a board of trustees that governs the organization. Organizational Design

Cooks Children Network has a blend of centralized and decentralized design. The centralized conceive of the association includes hierarchy methods, guidelines, and methods that are frequently helpful in alignment to regulate procedures of specific activities. These undertakings are those seen in investments, accreditation, lawful matters, administration, investments, and trading,. In compare, the decentralized design of the association encompasses activities more nearly related to persevering care. This decentralization of the association encourages eagerness and creativity, allows critical thinking from different care givers, and accommodates autonomy and flexibility. External and Internal Factors that have shaped my Organization The mix of services provided by the cook’s healthcare system has at some time been affected by both the listed external and internal factors presented and these effects are constantly changing and affecting hospital activity in various ways. Those internal factors include the structures, beliefs, policies, and values that the company use as a foundation to guide the company into the right path. The grade, blend and backgrounds of wellbeing and health care services are also very strongly influenced by financial concerns. A. External Factors

Flaws of competitors can signify external possibilities, while major comparable power can signify key external dangers. The more comparable data is assembled, the more it is advantageous for a company as it possesses a good foundation for schemes. An equally important part of external evaluation is identifying competitor companies and ascertaining their power, flaws, capabilities, opportunities, threats, objectives, and schemes. Good comparable comprehending in enterprise, like in the infantry, continues to be one of the key components for achievement. Demographics

The demographics of the population of the United States vastly have changed the health care into what it is today. The lifestyles and cultures of each individual demographic demands change within the healthcare system. Economics of the past and present, the second force within the change of evolution, include economy, unemployment, and globalization. Location

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