Cooking with Your Children

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  • Published : July 12, 2010
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“Cooking With Your Children”
How many parents take the time to cook with their children? How many of you were taught to cook by your parents or someone else in your family? I actually started cooking with my mother when I was 6 years old rolling out bread dough to make crescent rolls (homemade, of course). Due to my childhood experience, I now cook with my children at least twice a week. Since I am normally only home on the weekends to see my children, I use this time for bonding; as well as for teaching them skills that they will need in order to survive in today’s world, better known as life skills. Cooking with your children is great way to strengthen family bonds, while enforcing math and life skills.

First, cooking with your children can create strong family bonds. This provides the opportunity for spending quality time with your children. While preparing meals, daily discussions regarding current topics in and about their lives are abound (“How was your day”, “What did you do in class”, “Have you spoken to your grandmother”). These discussions during meal preparation can lead to enjoyable moments that children tend to remember as they grow older. They then share these experiences and moments with their children [ (Eisenhower) ]. In the words of my favorite T.V. Cook, Alton Brown of “Good Eats”, “Cooking with children is just plain fun”. How can you not have fun in the kitchen while cooking with your children? Yes, it can be messy; yes, it can be time consuming; but that is what makes it a fun learning environment. Make mistakes, get messy, have fun.

Secondly, cooking with your children will teach them a necessary life skill, a required skill that they will need in order to survive on their own. Cooking not only teaches food preparation, but also educates them on making healthy food choices [ (Eisenhower; Ryan) ]. By allowing them to cook for themselves, they are not dependent on fast food or constant dining out. It also teaches the principles of...
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