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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Alissa Cook
Mrs. Koivisto HS Cooking 1 5B 9/16/12

Nutrition Concerns Essay #1 Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that affects many people, young and old, male or female. It is a psychological disorder in which the person goes through extreme dieting and exercise or takes laxatives in order to lose weight. There is no direct cause of anorexia. Body image plays a big role and some studies claim it could be inherited. In many cases, losing the weight is a secondary issue. Many like the feeling that they have complete control over their body. People with anorexia experience weight loss, chills, pain when sitting, malnutrition, dehydration, etc… If gone on too long it can cause death. #2 Anorexia affects more females than males but males can still experience it. Many young girls and women feel the pressures of society to be thin and that thin equals beautiful. Many people with anorexia feel alone and have a low self-esteem. Sometimes they have problems within their homes and feel their only way of control is what they put or don’t put into their bodies. Because this disorder is psychological it can be cured by treatment and counseling. #3 I feel a personal connection with this disorder because many people in the past and even now have thought that I have had it. They teased me about being so skinny and would ask me right out if I was anorexic. I certainly am not! I find rather insulting especially for the people who really do suffer from this disorder. I find it very sad that so many people hate their body so much they would stop eating. I feel for those who have suffered or saw someone they loved suffer from it.

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