Cooking and Food Safety Measures

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Task 1

Q1 – Identify potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and drink.

People can get sick if the food they eat has harmful chemicals or microorganisms. This is called food-borne illness. The goal of food safety is to prevent the hazards that cause food-borne illness or injury. Most of the hazards in food are things you cannot see, smell, or taste.

- Physical hazard: Hard or soft objects in food that can cause injury. For example, broken glass, jewellery, staples and fingernails. - Chemical hazard: Poisonous substances that occur naturally or are added during food handling. For example, cleaning products and pest control chemicals. - Biological hazard: Germs that cannot be seen without microscope. For example, parasites, viruses and bacteria.

( Preparing:

- While preparing food, food workers must remove watches, rings, bracelets, and all other jewelry on the arms or hands. - Using the same cloth for cleaning surfaces used for both raw, i.e. meat and poultry, and ready to eat foods - Physical contamination e.g. flies, jewellery, broken glass and equipment in bad condition. ( Storing:

- Store raw meats at the bottom of the fridge to prevent meat juice dropping on the other food - Eggs will be stored under refrigeration in order to reduce the growth of Salmonella - No cleaning materials should be stored where they may come into contact with open food. - Dried foods will be decanted into seal-able containers in order to protect from physical and chemical contamination

( Serving:
- Serving Ready-to-eat food (e.g. sliced fruit, cooked pizza, bread) without additional washing or cooking to remove microorganisms. - Must use utensils such as tongs, scoops, deli papers, or single-use gloves to keep from touching ready-to-eat foods. - You place food and drink within easy reach of the individual - You serve food and drink with the appropriate utensils and in a hygienic manner

( Cleaning away:
- Food-contact surfaces should be washed, rinsed, and sanitized after each use. - Scrape excess food into a rubbish bin
- Leave dishes and cooking utensils to air-dry or wipe with clean dry cloth. - Rinse in clean hot water
- Encourage individuals to wash their hands and clean themselves

Q2 – Explain the importance of implementing food safety measures when providing food and drink individuals.

Every day people all over the world get sick from the food they eat. This sickness is called food-borne disease and is caused by dangerous microorganisms or chemicals. The importance of implementing food safety measures when handling food and drink is to keep children and young people safe from food-borne illnesses.

Q3 – Explain why personal protective clothing should be used when handling food and drink.

Personal protective clothing should be used to protect the wearer from specific hazards of a hazardous substance.

- PPE includes gloves, respiratory protection, eye protection, and protective clothing. - You should always wear gloves to minimize the chance of bacteria entering the food from unclean hands. - Gloves must be changed each time you do a different task, e.g. preparing sandwiches then going into walk in cooler-touching different contaminated surfaces. - Aprons and chef jackets are a great way to prevent any of your clothing from contaminating the food. - Hairnets and hats are used to prevent hairs from entering food and drink.

Q4 – Explain why surfaces, utensils and equipment must be cleaned before beginning a new task.

Surfaces, utensils and equipment must be cleaned before beginning a new task to prevent cross-contamination. Cross-contamination is one of the most common causes of food poisoning. It happens when harmful bacteria are spread onto food from other food, surfaces, hands, utensils or...
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