Conversion to the Metric System

Topics: Systems of measurement, Metric system, International System of Units Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Matthew Pikowski

Mrs. England

English II Honors Period 8

23 October 2012

The United States Should Convert to the Metric System

The metric system is a measuring system based on the increments of ten. The United States uses the customary system which is based on a completely different set of standards. Although some individuals might disagree, the United States should switch to the metric system because some of the United States already uses the metric system, the rest of the world uses the metric system, and the measurements of items intended for use world-wide are presented in the metric system. Thus, the United States should convert from the customary system to the metric system.

First of all, some of the United States already uses the metric system. Our stock market is set up on the decimal system like the metric system, and many products seem to have their quantities determined for the metric system. For example, a bottle of Lipton ice tea contains 500 milliliters and 16.9 ounces. This shows Lipton uses the metric system and only accommodates the United States’ customary system because the capacity is an even number for the metric system, but an irregular number for the customary system. The United States also uses the metric system for pharmaceutical drugs. Each pill or dosage is measured is either milligrams or milliliters. One specific drug where the metric system is predominant is ibuprofen. On bottles of Advil or Motrin, whose active ingredient is ibuprofen, the dosage is given in amount of pills, and each individual pill is measured in milligrams. The customary system is unnecessary for the United States to use because some fields already use the metric system and it would be more convenient for the United States to convert.

The rest of the world uses the metric system, thus the United States should switch to the metric system. The United States, Burma, and Liberia are the only countries that do not use the metric system....
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