Converse Target Market Worksheet Analysis

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As the earliest sneakers,with over 100 years of history, Converse, a American shoe company, has been considered as one of the most popular shoe companies in the world. At present it has covered more than 125 countries,which have selling Distributor, Licensee, or Agent, over The Seven Continents. Set up in America and soon pop in Europe . Following the war and Market saturated in America and Europe, also the Asia Rising, Converse entered Asia with a strong effective on sports market during 1970s-1980s, At that time ,Converse first focus on Japanese because it's rapidly rising. In 1993, as people started recognizing China as a country that has a huge potential market, Converse expanded its market into China for the first time. At that time, Taiwan and Hong Kong are seen as the fashion capital of China, however over the past few years, as the economy of Mainland has growth, Converse shifted its main market into Shanghai which is smart because shanghai now has population of over 18 millions and People in Shanghai has become quite fashion-sensitive since the economy has peaked. Today, Converse has gained quite high popularity and reputation by supporting China’s local indie/creative culture, particularly the music scene and it keeps attracting many young Chinese people. In recent years,Converse opened more than 70 legal stores in Shanghai. Demographic

The age of target consumers in Converse are between 15 years old to 25 years old. Most of them are high school students and college school students; the reason is that shoes of Converse are easy to match with clothes, there are many color collections in Converse which young people like very much. As well as that, the prices of Converse footwear are cheaper than other famous sports brands such as Nike, Adidas. The price range is 200RMB-500RMB. So, Converse is a hot brand in young people groups. For the pocket money of high school students in Shanghai is between 500RMB to 1000RMB, some of them may live with their parents or live in school, so the pocket may different. As for their parents, the income is between 10,000RMB to 200,000RMB or more. For the pocket money of college in Shanghai are between 2000RMB to 4000RMB or more, they need the money to buy foods, transportation fees, so the extra money they can take it to go shopping. Also, college students can find the part-time job which the incomes may between 1000RMB to 2000RMB. As for their parents, the income is between 10,000RMB to 200,000RMB, the parents who are in shanghai, their incomes may more than the parents who are in other cities, because everything will be expensive in Shanghai, the standard of incomes in Shanghai is higher than in other cities. Both male and female can wear the shoes of Converse, as for their families, mostly, there are 3 to 5 people in one family, there will be parents and one or more children, sometimes grandparents may live with them too. Psychographic

Most consumers of Converse are young people whose age is between 15 years old to 25 years old. Mostly, they are high school students or college students. So, consumers of Converse are very active, for the males, they are very sporty. For the females, they like shopping with their friends or go to KTV when they are in high schools, so they may wear jeans and shirts which are simple and active, it is a good choice to wear Converse because it can match with any clothes. But for the college students, females may wear dress and high heels to night bars, they still need Converse. When they go shopping or go to the class, they will wear it. Converse has many collections of footwear, many colors and patterns, it even corporate with other brands such as Swatch. Sometimes it combines the bands name with the shoes such as there once a collection of Converse footwear printed the band The Door on the shoes. Sometime it combines...
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