Conversational Etiquette and Guidelines

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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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Topic: Guidelines and good etiquette in a conversation
General Purpose:To inform
Specific Purpose:To inform the class on how good conversation etiquette can be useful in a social and professional life. Thesis Statement:To better understand the nature of impressions, maintaining a good conversation, and concluding the experience.


II)[topic intro and justification] Although the concept of which may be considered elementary, communication and conversational skills are an extremely important aspect of our lives. a)The ability to maintain dialogue is one of the greatest ways that we express ourselves, whether it’s our feelings, opinions, or ideas. b) Conversation is the first step in establishing friendships and relationships, and is paramount in maintaining them. i)A healthy conversation consists of many queues and normally requires complete attention of your mind and your senses to properly communicate with others. ii)Every conversation, no matter how brief or exhilarating, has a structure, much like a report or document. iii)The structure of which consists of any impression given, whether it be physical or verbal, the actual play of the conversation, and a conclusion the experience. III)My name is Christopher Ray. I have managed and worked in many extremely social environments and have extensively researched the psychology of the communication. a)I have worked and managed in establishments such as movie theaters and restaurants, where extensive conversational skills are required. b)I have researched and worked in developmental facilities, and have observed the psychology, structure, and rehabilitation of basic communication skills. c)The concept and complexity of good conversation is one that could easily be underappreciated and, in order to achieve a higher state of social accomplishment, is vital. IV)I am going to explain the different aspects of a conversation that...
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