Conversation with a Child

Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Interview with a Kindergartner
The interview began when I called the home of the 5 year old and I asked to speak with him. His name is but known to the family simply as “Tito”. Tito is a 5 year old kindergartner who is larger than the rest of the kids his age, at 90 pounds and 3 and a half feet tall, he looks like the kid who was held back but is actually the average age in his class. Here is my interview with him.The first thing I asked was “what did you do today Tito?” He then replied “I read 30 pages today”

Me “what book?”
Him” Where the Wild Things Are”
Me “Did you like it?”
him “Yea”
me “What part did you like most?”
him “The part where he almost got ate”
me “why”
him “its funny the girl eats him”
I then asked him what kind of music he like to listen to and why Him “sublime because his voice is awesome and he sounds awesome and I like it” I then asked how was school today
Him “I don’t know “
Me “how was recess?”
Him “I got detention”
Me “why?”
Him “because I didn’t do my numbers”
I asked what he was talking about and he said a lunch number he had to press in order to eat. I then was surprised and said no way! He then said “just kidding” he then said he got punched in the stomach by a 2 year old and the boy got in trouble so he had to spend forever in class alone and it was so hot that he couldn’t breath and got a double heart attack. I found that he likes to kid around and wants to joke a lot. We then carried on and I asked him about his bus ride home he then told be about his friend Christian and how he is crazy and doesn’t want to be his friend, I think he was just kidding. I asked him what he was going to be for Halloween. Him “a astronaut”

Me “why?”
Him “cus my mom showed me a picture and I liked it”
Me “that’s cool what els”
Him “ were going to build a shuttle so I can fly everywhere like magic mountain, knotsberry farm, and Arizona. Me “laugh” “thank you tito” then I began to talk with my aunt and the interview ended.....
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