Converged Network Solutions

Topics: WiMAX, Bit rate, IEEE 802 Pages: 4 (995 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Converged Network Solution: Rapid Freight|
Case Study|


Rapid Freight is currently undergoing rapid changes in how it conducts business worldwide. There are new challenges facing Rapid Freight that concern: bandwidth expansion; networked coronation between regional offices; reliable and secure network solutions; telecommunications upgrades; video conferencing capabilities; and monitoring / managing data and voice services for RF business needs. The purpose of this report is to provide RF with a converged network solution while addressing the stated requirements. Technology Solutions

Rapid Freight has forty-seven U.S. offices that rely on a main data center location. RF requires increased bandwidth between its offices in order to meet its communication needs. By upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet products, their internet bandwidth requirements will be met. According to Indiana State University (2011), “Gigabit Ethernet products were designed to operate over fiber optic cables to solve increased bandwidth demand.” (para.1). An upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet will incur low acquisition cost, while increasing employee productivity that allows for timely database access and heavy application use. According to Moran (2007), “Gigabit Ethernet will result in less congestion and better overall performance, and can be helpful in large file transfers, such as performing backups over the network to the server.” (para.5). Rapid Freight has four to eight locations that reside in the metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles that need to coordinate among themselves effectively. In order to meet this requirement, RF should consider mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16m technologies to distribute 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) internet between RF offices in the three metropolitan areas. According to Rakesh, Vishal, and Dalal (2010), “WiMAX 802.16m will allow higher data rates at 100 Mbps for mobile stations and 1 Gbps for fixed locations; a higher...
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