Conventional Accounting Systems

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The Difference Between Traditional Accounting & Computerized Accounting by Sheila Shanker, Demand Media
Traditional and computerized accounting are helpful to many businesses. Related Articles

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Before the advent of fast and cheap computers, accounting traditionally was processed manually with all transactions recorded in columnar papers and kept in voluminous binders. Once computers became popular and software affordable, accounting tasks moved into this medium, where concepts stayed the same but mechanics changed from papers to programs. Sponsored Link

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The most glaring difference between traditional and computerized accounting is the speed of operations. With an accounting program, data is entered once and it is saved. The program provides management with reports in a speed never dreamed possible in the traditional days. No more waiting days or weeks to know whether your business is making a profit. Using computerized accounting, information can be accessed in a matter of minutes. Once data is available in the system, it can be used in reports, queries and analysis. Accuracy

Computerized systems have drastically increased accuracy of calculations when compared to the traditional, manual system, in which columns had to be added up, numbers moved from one page to the next, and trial balance and financial statements manually compiled. If errors occurred, many hours had to be spent trying to find and correct them. With accounting software, this problem is eliminated. In the case of...
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