Convention on Road Traffice

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The Contracting Parties,
Desiring to facilitate international road traffic and to increase road safety through the adoption of uniform traffic rules,
Have agreed upon the following provisions:

Chapter I

For the purpose of this Convention the following expressions shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them:
The "domestic legislation" of a Contracting Party means the entire body of national or local laws and regulations in force in the territory of that Contracting Party;
A vehicle is said to be "in international traffic" in the territory of a State if:


It is owned by a natural or legal person normally resident
outside that State;
It is not registered in that State; and
It is temporarily imported into that State;

provided, however, that a Contracting Party may refuse to regard as being "in international traffic" a vehicle which has remained in its territory for more than one year without a substantial interruption, the duration of which may be fixed by that Contracting Party.

A combination of vehicles is said to be "in international traffic" if at least one of the vehicles in the combination conforms to the above definition; (c)
"Built-up area" means an area with entries and exits
signposted as such, or otherwise defined in domestic legislation;




"Road" means the entire surface of any way or street open to public

"Carriageway" means the part of a road normally used by vehicular traffic; a road may comprise several carriageways clearly separated from one another by, for example, a dividing strip or a difference of level; (f)

On carriageways where one or more side lanes or tracks are reserved for use by certain vehicles, "edge of the carriageway" means, for other roadusers, the edge of the remainder of the carriageway; (g)

"Lane" means any one of the longitudinal strips into which the carriageway is divisible, whether or not defined by longitudinal road markings, which is wide enough for one moving line of motor vehicles other than motor cycles;

"Intersection" means any level crossroad, junction or fork, including the open areas formed by such crossroads, junctions or forks; (i)
"Level-crossing" means any level intersection between a road and a railway or tramway track with its own track formation;
"Motorway" means a road specially designed and built for
traffic, which does not serve properties bordering on it, and which:



Is provided, except at special points or temporarily, with
separate carriageways for the two directions of traffic,
separated from each other either by a dividing strip not
intended for traffic or, exceptionally, by other means;


Does not cross at level with any road, railway or tramway track, or footpath; and


Is specially signposted as a motorway;

A vehicle is said to be:

"Standing" if it is stationary for the time needed to pick up or set down persons or to load or unload goods; and


"Parked" if it is stationary for any reason other than the need to avoid interference with another road-user or collision with an obstruction or to comply with traffic regulations, and if the period during which the vehicle is stationary is not limited to the time needed to pick up or set down persons or goods;

Nevertheless, it shall be open to Contracting Parties to regard as "standing" any vehicle which is stationary within the meaning of subparagraph (ii) above for a period not exceeding that fixed by domestic legislation, and to regard as "parked" any vehicle which is stationary within the meaning of subparagraph (i) above for a period exceeding that fixed by domestic legislation;


"Cycle" means any vehicle which has at least two wheels and is propelled solely by the muscular energy of the persons on that vehicle, in particular by means of...
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