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Competitor Analysis
As for competitors, C-store’s main rivals are the existing competitors and other potential competitors of convenience store market. In Guangzhou, 7-Eleven, Ok and C-store are the three pillars of convenience stores. So our project will focus on the existing competitors 7-Eleven and OK convenience stores to analyze. In this part, I am going to identify the distinctive characteristics and values of 7-Eleven and OK with the theory of brand triangle, to see what make them a brand. And then I will analyze the scale and goals of 7-Eleven and OK convenience stores with the theory of SWOT and 4P, to see how they manage theirs business.

• Corporate Brand Analysis

| |Image |Identity |Positioning | |7-Eleven |The world’s largest operator, |commodities including 7-select, |Located in 18 countries, private | | |franchisor and licensor of convenience|food, drinks, play, cash and cards|label products, | | |stores |and private label products, like |Fresh, high-quality products at an | | |Landmark of city life, creative and |Slurpee |everyday fair price | | |updated |Powerful international brand |Speedy transactions | | |special corporate culture | |Clean and friendly | |Circle-K |Successful in Hong Kong |Represent the Instant culture |Variety service covers many spectrum| | |To be the best and most convenient |Offering distinctive products and |Mid-priced | | |place to shop and work |fast-food |Stores with large space | | |Pop culture |quality branded fuels |Comfortable and clean environment | |C-store |The famous and leading brand of |Offering popular products and |Mainly focus on Chinese market | | |convenience stores in China |home-made products |Low price strategy | | |Active, fresh, friendly |Like fresh bakery, tomatoes |Local brand | | |Native culture |kitchen |Popular consumption |

Chart4.1 The Brand Triangle Analysis

As the chart shown us, 7-Eleven, as the world’s largest operator, franchisor and licensor of convenience stores, is the landmark of city life. 7-Eleven enjoys great reputation and has created more than 39,000 outlets with its success and the power of the brand. The products of 7-Eleven cover the spectrum from food to drinks, cards, play, periodicals and 7-select. More attractively, 7-Eleven offers private label products, like Slurpee, and a rather wide array of warm food, including traditional items like steamed, filled bun. With its wide variety of products, good services and updated image, 7-Eleven easily earn the eyeball of the customers.

Compared to 7-Eleven, Circle K has fewer branches than it. But Circle K also has been one of the most popular and successful operators of convenience stores in Guangzhou. Circle K is well known around the world for offering busy consumers a wide variety of quality products and services in a fast, friendly, and clean environment. In addition, according to the culture and the living standard of Guangzhou, Circle K creatively launched new services, like offering fresh bread, coffee and so forth, which attract more and more old customers to buy things here. Its famous brand value and particular adjustment to the changing market make...
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