Controversy over Biotechnology

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  • Published : September 28, 2008
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Controversy over Biotechnology
Biotechnology has been the source of lots of controversy. There are those that love Biotechnology and dream of all the great things it could bring to mankind. There are also those who see it as threat to mankind, something that could possibly overthrow our current society. James Watson, who along with Francis Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA, exerts that this controversy is not deserved. He believes that it is pertinent for our future, that it could benefit mankind. Francis Fukuyama, a professor at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and author of the influential best seller Our Posthuman Future, insists that “… our compulsion to control and manipulate natural processes, including the human genome, will ultimately undermine nature itself (Fukuyama 668).” This viewpoint is concerned with conserving mankind as it is. There must be a place in between, a stance that both sides agree on. The double helix structure, the foundation of modern Biology, is still relatively new, only being discovered in 1953. As with any powerful new technology there is uncertainty about its potential uses. Watson shows this to hold true to biotechnology by pointing out that people are afraid of the possible outcomes of further research in the field of Genetic Engineering. People fear that this technology could fall in the hands of evil, and that tampering with our own genetics could seriously disrupt human civilization. Nothing of this sort, however, has happened yet. Thus far Genetic Engineering has been very safe, but limited. Is it safe to assume that scientists will keep learning and mastering Genetic Engineering, using their new found abilities for good? Scientists have not been able to experiment with inserting genetic material into human sperm and egg cells. No government wants to be the one that initiates the redirection of human evolution, therefore nobody has the funds to do research. There is a widespread fear...
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