Controversy in the Pharmacy Industry

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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The pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive business and its success depends on the sales and marketing of each particular drug. But more recently, there have been a rise in issues relating to the rapid growth of pharmaceutical use, spending for drugs and related concerns about drug prices, among many other issues relating to scandal with vaccinations. The pharmaceutical industry may have their issues, but there has been a lot of good to come from this industry when it comes to one’s health. There are a lot of pros to the pharmacy industry. The most important benefit of pharmaceutical drugs is the fact that it helps enhance one’s health. There have been great health outcomes from using the drugs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012), the pharmaceutical industry has helped to develop and produce products that help treat a variety of diseases in which saving millions of lives and helping people suffering from diseases and illnesses to recover and lead more productive lives. In order to get these drugs to be sold to consumers so they can enhance their health, the pharmaceutical companies have to use proper sales practices. A sales representative is the key when it comes to selling drugs to consumers. The primary responsibility of pharmaceutical sales representatives is to use ethical promotion when it comes to the selling of a particular product. Representatives have to ensure that healthcare professionals are fully aware of the benefits and side effects of each drug and give the professionals the accurate information to help assist them when it comes to prescribing medications to patients. Another term that can be used for this is corporate social responsibility; which is the idea that corporations can and should act ethically and be accountable to society for their actions. Another benefit of the pharmaceutical industry is the economics involved. This benefit follows outcome-based ethics. The more profit is made within pharmacy...
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