Controversies in the Healthcare Reforms

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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The healthcare reform is the process of making sure that healthcare is affordable and accessible to everyone in need and those who are not in need as well. It is a well-known fact that in this economy that more and more Americans either can or can’t afford health care at it’s finest. In fact with that being said nearly 46 million Americans have no insurance and the other half at 25 million are basically underinsured. One factor to take into consideration would be the fact that most employers are not quite offering insurance anymore due the exacerbating costs. In the past the United States had spent approximately 2.4 trillion dollars in healthcare costs alone. It has been replied that healthcare reform platform has very little need, but it needs to be revised and the real question would be how to do it. It has been often suggested that the president should design and implement a program that would be government sponsored for everyone. Another idea was to make sure that prohibitions or discrimination would not be a problem or take place for people with pre-existing conditions. The last thing would be to make sure that clinics would use a given incentive to have the patients practice wellness plans and participate in preventive services. Some officials would say that the Commonwealth Fund was established to help improve healthcare access. The Commonwealth Fund is private foundation that steps in to make sure that the proper measures are taken to improve the quality and greater efficiency in health care. In fact the United States spent twice as much in money as any other country for healthcare in general or to improve the quality but as a mere result 101,000 American citizens still died due to not being insured. There are some adjustments that need to be made in order for healthcare in this country to be more affordable and effective. One thing is to consider the time verses quality concept which is where the doctors see more given patients within a day and save time that would be used for billing purposes and procedures to make the money that they wanted and needed. In doing so the doctors have to implement and assure that they nurses would listen to the patients complaints and diagnosis in a manner to where the doctor would not be held at fault in any way and have the patients feel like they were being neglected and be sued for mal practice. Another problem would the patient’s safety due to time and constraints in the office. Safety issues and concerns could possibly cost the office the end result of more than 98,000 deaths. A startling static would be the outstanding fact that most surgeons do not follow the proper guidelines that allows the proper timeouts. This procedure assures that the doctors and everyone in surgery applies the timeouts that assures that the doctors and everyone in surgery are operating on the right patient, the right body part or even remembering to pull out the instruments when they are done operating. The last one has to deal with the lack of preventive services. In other words lack of the doctor’s time does often cause them not to help their patients stop smoking that would cause simple heart disease or contribute to a stroke. Any type of chronic disease according to the CDC can be preventive. State Healthcare reform is an issue that been around for many years but upon recent years has become a subject that can be ignored. There are no doubts that many issues that have contributed to this matter and true enough there could have been some preventative measures that could have been used to correct it as well. Chosen statics have featured many of those incidents that have led up to the given issue. Healthcare reform in America has to be done in a manner so that everyone will benefit from it. The common fact does remain that everyone in America at some point needs affordable healthcare insurance. Healthcare Reform

The Needed Improvements in the Healthcare Reform
Healthcare has gone down the wrong...
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