Controversial Subject Rebuttal

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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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Controversial Subject Rebuttal

On August 29, 2005, the Gulf Coast was struck with one of the most unforgettable natural disasters in American History. The effects of Hurricane Katrina have been shattering and long-lasting. However, could the question been plausibly raised whether or not to rebuild New Orleans? Evidently it was. Lance Winslow, freelance writer, from California did just that in an article titled: Why did God Destroy New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina? Winslow states “Many people believe that God was real angry at mankind and got a wild hair up his butt and sent Hurricane Katrina into the Gulf Shore and New Orleans to teach people a lesson…and if it was a lesson did the little human learn anything? It appears they did not. Humans in their ultimate defiance are rebuilding the city under sea level as before” (Winslow, n.d.). Winslow included no resources or data to back his opinion. There can be no reliability or credibility attached to this article; however; for those who have been victims of Hurricane Katrina these words create an emotional anger, which is verbally indescribable. Loss of personal possessions are only one aspect of devastation, but the loss of homestead, life as it once was, people and places, which once represented home, and the cultures that make each person a unique individual are characteristics that can never be replaced.

History and People of New Orleans
Historically the people who inhabited early New Orleans came from many groups including Native American, French, African, and Caribbean islands. No group was dominant in the early days and there was a mixing of the cultures. From this mixing came a unique culture that influenced food, music, architecture, and language. New Orleans became one of Americas’ most unique cities with its multicultural influence and it joie de vivre (joy of life) attitude (A Brief History of New Orleans, n.d.).

The Act of God
In the Acts of God department: the catastrophe in New...
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