Controversial Issues in Entertainment

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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In today’s world which is full of controversial topics or issue which can be found in the mass media. This does continue towards the future for the timeline of any controversial issue during the history and for the public changed in time. The media does present the topic for the public. There is many portrayal of the subject which can demonize a topic so the mindset of the people is listening to the presentation of any story. This controversial topic which has the bias from this is the Freedom of Speech, African-American rights, women’s rights, racism, and specifically In God We Trust vs. the Freedom of Religion in America. These are from the previous years with the ethical issues which are the war, the same sex-marriages, and the legalization of marijuana, divorce, crime increase, equality, and Global Warming. The commitment of communication was to reach the mass media through the newspaper, radio, magazines, and internet. These are two of the concepts that were classified. “News and newsworthiness”, this means it is the main objective for the press to release any kind of information for the significant changes on how it can affect a large group of people or the society (Vivian, 2011). The main intent for the television reporter is to stay away from any kind of sounding biased; it can give debating parties which needs to be in the story itself. Here is an example of how one ethical issue which has a strong controversial debate in the pollution which happens in the world today. There are two parties to both sides of the story which they fell for having the credible information from proving the humans who are the main cause from the occurrences. It is important for them to have both of the parties to make an opinion with the public and find the solution for the issue. The other side from the debate has advised which the humans are the main reason for the cause of global warming. It is because of the burning fossil fuels and deforestation. According to John W....
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