Controlling Your Own Destiny

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Want, Need Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Controlling your own destiny, can it be that hard? The self-deterioration of finding the confidence to be your own person, to say, think, and be yourself. Everyone young or old struggles with being who they are, instead they think of what others want to see. This is an epidemic getting way out of hand. Though we may not think our thoughts to be important, it is in fact the way we are able to guide our own selves that makes us happy with whom we are. In recent years more and more teenagers; and in fact citizens in general, struggle to be true to themselves. Independence of your own thoughts needs to be put in place. People need to be able to make there own decisions and think for themselves. In society today media influences other people’s opinions and views. Magazines and celebrities sway people to be the “perfect person”, they seem to convince us that being skinny, and pretty is the only way to get through life. These dissimilar references make it seem that everyone has to be generic. Parents and various family members tend to lead there loved ones to do certain things without asking their opinion. Being independent of your thoughts doesn’t mean being financially stable or making choices without consulting others. Thinking independently, is something everyone should feel comfortable in doing, Dressing the way you want, feeling the way to want to feel without others getting in the way. We need to prevent our nation from being narrow-minded and make others feel comfortable to think for themselves without others manipulating their choices. As a country we need to overthrow the complete idea of being perfect people. What is a perfect person anyway? Is it someone who is very intellectual, athletic, skinny, pretty? No one wants to be judged his or her whole life. This task may not seem to be important, but just think about all the suicide attacks and people who have gone under depression just because they were not thinking for themselves but were being inclined...
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