Controlling Software Projects

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Controlling Software Projects

By | November 2012
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Controlling Software projects
Ritesh Sewbalaksing (177288) Tjin Hoo Cheng (1721178) 30 November 2008 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If a manager is in control of his project, does that mean that the project will be finished successful? There are several kinds of reasons why a project would fail. The most common reason is that the project overruns the available budget and time. Nowadays a project will be considered successful if it meets the client’s expectations. Having control of the project will make it easier to manage these expectations. This will increase the success rate of a project. Control is related to measurement. You can’t be in control of something if you don’t measure anything. Software projects are controlled by four major variables; time, requirements, resources (people, infrastructure/materials, and money), and risks. To be in control of a software project, you have to measure these variables. These variables have a great impact on the project if it changes. Making estimates of these variables is one way to measure the project. Estimates can be used as measure points where managers can look back to and compare them with the results. Estimating the project should be done by an Estimating Group. This group doesn’t have any relationship with the development of the project and is only responsible for the estimates. The group can be an internal or external group.

Having control of a project will increase its success rate, because you can easily adjust the process of a project to meet the client’s expectations. Fulfilling the client’s expectations is the main condition for a project to be successful. Besides that, the project must also prevent overrunning the available budget and time. Control is related to measurement. This means if you want to have control of a project, you also need to do some measuring. Control is impossible without any feedback; that’s why you can’t control what you can’t measure....

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