Controlling Organized Crime

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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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Organized crime is a very real threat to the way of life all citizens of this country; and many others, enjoy. Exploration into the problems and relationships of organized crime can provide a window into a secret world. Outlining known legal limitations and critiquing Federal laws and strategies also assists in providing a picture of the issues. Furthermore evaluating effective prosecutions can provide insight in order to suggest a realistic solution to control organized crime. Problems and Relationships of Organized Crime

There are various problems and relationships established by the presence of organized crime. Internationally, organized crime is a proven threat to human security with their ability to exploit differences in countries. In doing so, organized crime is able to enrich and empower their standing in such places; which assists them in expansion and detection avoidance. The existence of such groups impedes social, economic, political, and cultural development within the societies the group inhabits. Through their various methods of manipulation and monopolization of government, politics, financial institutions, labor unions, and legitimate business, an organized criminal syndicate effectively intertwines itself within the communities in which they dominate. Within our own country, such groups bring about low morale and misery with their underground endeavors like prostitution and human trafficking. Communities they are prominent in find that illegal drugs and weapons are often more prevalent. Organized crime utilizes violence in part of their activities; or other acts, that are a means of intimidation whether implied or actual. Such groups use tactics of deceit, extortion, and murder to maintain operations. Organized crime is also responsible for many stock frauds and financial scams. The relationships established within organized crime are specifically sought out to ensure economic gain; the primary goal of all organized crime. Structure of the group is to insulate leadership and membership from detection by authorities. Their many actions and associated connections assure that those involved within the ‘family’ are protected from sanctions and/or prosecution as a result of structural foundations. It is estimated that the economic impact of global organized crime and the illegal profits obtained are around $1 trillion per year (FBI Overview, 2012, p. 1).

Some of the current trends of organized crime are based solely on relationships associated to their goals. As profit and power are primary objectives, organized crime groups are becoming more entrepreneurial. There is even indication that many groups are forming short-term alliances between several criminal groups more often. Organized crime groups are changing with society in that there is greater focus on diverse and national commodities for their profit margins. As such, transnational criminal alliances are increasing in occurrences. Moreover, there is greater potential for violence and structural changes in order to maximize profitability of operations no matter what the operational focus may be. These trends are directly related to the changes occurring in various countries as well as here in the United States. Increased importance on the fight against terrorism creates opportunity for organized crime; funds and resources to expose and eliminate organized crime are being redirected. The breakdown of the Warsaw Pact has created socio-political impacts and more countries are moving toward market-based economies; another prime focus of organized crime is to fill gaps such societies experience with growth and prosperity. Additionally, the reunification and increased links between formally estranged regions and countries provides a new exploratory means for expansion of immediate operations. Also, significant instability of government in some regions of the world creates fewer resources and efforts to control crime; a literal breeding ground for power and...
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