Controlling Organized Crime

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Controlling Organized Crime

Controlling Organized Crime
Organized crime continually has caused numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the world to reevaluate criminal apprehension tactics. Organized criminal activities have plagued almost every country within the world, caused thousands of deaths, and generated billions of dollars from illegal activities. The immense problems presented, various relationships established, and the legal limitations associated with combating organized crime will be identified, dissected, and examined. A critical evaluation of major Federal laws and strategies used to fight against criminal organizations will also be examined along with a realistic solution to control organized crime while placing emphasis on criminal prosecution, criminal sentencing structures, and criminal involvement. Theories of Organized Crime

A multitude of theories support differentiated perspectives in reference to organized crime, organizational structures, and command structures. “One of the most widely held theories of organized crime today is known as the alien conspiracy theory. This theory blames outsiders and outside influences for the prevalence of organized crime in U.S. society.”( (Lyman & Potter, 2007, p. 60). The alien conspiracy theory is extremely relevant in reference to the migration of criminal organizations from foreign lands coming to America in search of new beginnings. The Italians, Irish, and Russians are just a few of the ethnic group that migrated to America, reinforced previous criminal structures within America, and flourished based on a the lack of knowledge in reference to organized criminal syndicates.

The rational choice theory support one’s ability to weigh the negative and positive consequences in reference to committing criminal actions. The rational choice theory is also extremely relevant when attempting to identify the rational support structure in correlation with complying with the rules and regulations upheld within a criminal organization. For some individuals becoming a member of a criminal organization far outweighs the opposite, which can be identified as the law-abiding citizen who work for little pay, saves his or her money, and lives a meager existence. The most prevalent aspect in correlation with this theory is one’s ability to choose right or wrong;, thus making the rational choice theory extremely valid. Presented Problems

Organized criminal syndicates present vast problems in reference to law enforcement, general society, and the preservation of civilized society. Organized criminal actions include narcotics manufacturing, narcotics transportation, narcotics sales, prostitution, racketeering, arms smuggling, human smuggling, and multiple other criminal actions. Criminal organizations can grow to excessive numbers;, thus posing a problem for law enforcement agencies attempting to control the jurisdiction to which the organization conducts business. Criminal organizations generally have no respect for law enforcement officers. This perspective incorporated with multiple individuals, and reinforced with military grade weapons is an extremely serious problem presented by organized criminal syndicates.

Criminal organizations have begun to place emphasis on faceless crimes with the ability to gain extensive amounts of money by defrauding others through Internet sales. “The technological and organizational opportunity to set up global networks has transformed, and empowered, organized crime” (Lyman & Potter, 2007, p. 5). One’s perspective of an individual associated with a criminal organization may be the traditional theatrical perspective highlighting the man in the pinstripe suit, holding a Thomson 45. caliber sub-machine gun, and speaking rough Italian. This is not the case when attempting to identify the members of various criminal organizations.

Criminal organizations are operating within every corner...
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