Controlled Assessment-Thermal Decompostion of Metal Carbonate Linked with Reactvity Series

Topics: Calcium carbonate, Carbonates, Copper Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: June 9, 2012
Controlled Assessment Task:

State the hypothesis you will be testing in your investigation:

The speed of a metal carbonate breaking down depends on where the metal is in the reactivity series. The more reactive a metal is the slower it takes for it to breakdown. The less reactive a metal is it breaks down faster.

Explain the hypothesis using scientific ideas:

The metal carbonate which is lower in the reactivity series such as copper can thermally decompose much faster because it is the least reactive metal so its an unstable carbonate and the bonds are much weaker. So the metal that is much higher in the reactivity series such as calcium, is more thermally stable and hard to decompose also the more reactive the metal is it forms the most stable carbonates. Also calcium carbonate have more of a stronger bong with their molecules and due to this it takes really long for limewater to turn milky.


Bunsen burner: This is needed to heat the metal carbonate •16 boiling tubes: 4 boiling tubes needed for one carbonate because it includes repetition. Four carbonates altogether so 16 boiling tubes. •Heat proof mat- For the bunsen burner to be placed on top of it to avoid accidents •Two clamps- One clamp to hold the metal carbonate and one to hold the limewater. •Scale- To equally measure all the carbonates you heat.

Stop watch: To check the time it took for the metal carbonate to turn the limewater milky. •Measuring cylinder: To know how much limewater needed to put into the boiling tube. •Rubber bung- So it can go inside the boiling tube with the carbonate in. •Delivery tube: So the Co2 is collected in the limewater. •Eye protection- To protect the eyes from spills.

Splinter- To light the bunsen burner.


I will have the same mass of the different types of metal carbonates. To control this I will weigh the carbonates and make sure its the same mass for each time when we heat it. • I will be changing...
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