Control Cycle

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Control cycle:
Control cycle refers to, continuously repeating cycle of planning, monitoring, assessing, comparing, correcting, and improving plans, processes, and practices.

The Four Steps
1. Setting a goal: In this step of control cycle, a business establishes the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with the expected output (the target or goals). 2. Measuring progress: In this step, a business implements the plan, executes the process, makes the product. It also collects data for charting and analysis in the following "CHECK" and "ACT" steps. 3. Comparing actual with planned performance: A business then compares the actual result against the expected result to figure out any differences. 4. Taking action: After comparing result, a business takes corrective actions on significant differences between actual and expected results. In this step, the business analyzes the differences to determine their root causes, then determines where to apply changes that will include improvement of the process or product.

Milestone analysis:
Milestone trend analysis is a simple method for analyzing the dates in a project and comparing them with planned data. You use it to recognize trends and deviations from the planned schedule quickly. The scheduled dates of the milestones, which are relevant for the course of the project, are compared at various points in time. Deviations from the planned schedule are made apparent. In the graphical form a MTA chart is used, which is triangular where the sides are the times axes. The milestone dates are plotted against the report dates. The advantages of Milestone Trend Analysis / MTA

* Concise visualization of the history and prognosis of important milestones * Timely detection of deadline bottlenecks with periodic updates * It signaled the competition of important project steps

* It can motivate the project team
* It offer points that require potential change...
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