Control Air Pollution Act Around the World

Topics: Air pollution, National Ambient Air Quality Standards, United States Environmental Protection Agency Pages: 4 (1599 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Control Air Pollution Act Around the World

Melissa Flores

ENG 122: English Composition II

Holly Wilcox

February 18, 2013

In my research paper, I will be talking about air pollution around the world and what needs to be done about it. People need to be more aware of air pollution around the world. People need to control what is being used in the world, like automobiles that puts out smoke, or the factories that pollutes the air. The government needs to have people be more aware of the control pollution act and abide by the laws. Once all the people are aware about the control pollution act, the world would be taking control of their actions and abide the laws. The air pollution causes a lot of damage around the world. People breathe in the air pollution into their lungs. The air pollution lingers around the atmosphere. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (updated 2012) “The air pollution can cause damage trees, crops, other plants, lakes and animals. In addition to damaging the natural environment, air pollution also damages buildings, monuments and statues.” People around the world need to say it’s time to do something about it. The article about air pollution (1998) stated “Air pollution first became a visible problem in United States after the civil war, when northern cities, swollen by demographic and industrial growth, began experiencing persistent smoke palls.” When the air pollution is in the air, the living things like the plants, it absorbs the air pollution into the skin cells and it can damage the living tissue and the growth. For the Animals, it can make them sick and/or kill them. The air pollution can cause the lakes to look nasty and dirty. It can kill the creatures that live in the water and when people go swimming, it can make them sick as well. In the United States the population was growing and more factories were being built for jobs, and more cars. With all the...
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