Contributions of the Greeks and Romans

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Ancient Greece and Rome were two of the most influential societies that contributed to the development of common Mediterranean culture. Through their advances in religion, politics, and education, they created the foundation for cultural practices in many of today’s societies. Their practices are not only still used in the Mediterranean area, but also around the world in places like the United States.

Religion is a key cultural factor that ties the community together, and for Ancient Greece and Rome, it began with the worship of the pagan gods. In Greek and Roman mythology, there were many temples to worship the different gods. As Christianity became more dominant in these cultures, these temples converted into churches, and several of the pagan gods translated to Saints in the Christian religion. An example that is still common today would be Saint Francis of Assisi, who was thought to be the “god” of nature. Therefore, the Greeks and Romans found ways to incorporate their pagan gods into Christianity in a way that is widely accepted by the population.

Furthermore, the Greeks and Romans advanced politically and developed political tactics that many cultures derived from them. The most common political tactics, the two forms of government that even the United States of America based its foundation on, is democracy and the republic. These forms of government are people based, so that the people of the city have a voice. The democracy and republic proved to be very practical forms of government that are still used today in Greece and Rome. The first Senate was formed in Rome where they held political debates just as they would today in the Senate of the United States. Also, political parties began in Ancient Rome and today there are numerous active political parties in these two societies. For thousands of years these forms of government have remained sturdy and prove to withhold many civilizations throughout history as they still do today....
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