Contribution of the Colonial and Revolutionary Writings to the Foundation of the Usa

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, British Empire, American Revolution Pages: 47 (18740 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Table of Contents:

Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 CHAPTER I Colonial Period (Historical background)------------------------------- 4 1.1.Settlements ------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 1.2.Society, Schools and Culture-----------------------------------------------8 1.3.Politics-------------------------------------------------------------------------10 CHAPTER II Revolutionary Period (Historical background)---------------------- 14 2.1.A New Colonial system---------------------------------------------------- 14 2.2.Unwise Regulations-------------------------------------------------------- 15 2.3.The Revolution-------------------------------------------------------------- 19 CHAPTER III Colonial Literature--------------------------------------------------------24 3.1. Southerners’ Literature----------------------------------------------------25 3.2. Puritans’ Literature--------------------------------------------------------29 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 39 References------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41 Bibliography-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------43

Literature is a powerful source of information about the history of a people. The diversity of writings can more than just fully present some decisive events in people’s common life. It also has the power to change or to influence the direction in which the whole nation, or sometimes the whole world can move. It is very important to recognize that the great contribution to the foundation of the USA was made not only with the help of guns, battles, revolts, etc. But also with the help of writings recorded during the so-called Colonial(1607-1776) and Revolutionary(1776-1800) Periods. It is quite well if you study all these writings. It is good if you think you understand them. But it is far more interesting to know and understand what influenced these authors to write their records, what was the atmosphere they lived into, what was the purpose of their works… That is why in order to begin discovering the contribution of the Colonial and Revolutionary writings to the foundation of USA, it will be better to start with the historical context, that covers the period from the early 1600’s to the end of 1800’s. Thus the first two chapters will be dedicated to the historical context will be divided into two parts: Colonial Period and the Revolutionary one. The Colonial period will include some information about the origin of new comers and their settlements, about the society, culture and politics. The Revolutionary period will be divided into several parts, one of them will be ‘The Unwise Regulations’. In general, ‘The Unwise Regulations’ will be about a set of political acts, which reduced the power of Great Britain on the thirteen American colonies. Another part will be dedicated to the progress of the revolution and its resolution. The Colonial literature will be presented and analyzed in the third chapter. The attention will be given to the difference between the writings produced in the Southern colonies and in the Northern ones. The main goals of this work are to find out the changes in political and social life that could influence writers’ notion about the problems or the difficulties of the age and to find the works and writers which influenced Americans’ values and points of view. The less important goals will be: to define the reason of the foundation of the colonies and immigration, to find out the decisive actions that changed the condition of the thirteen colonies; to realize what were the problems and goals of the American society; to show what influenced the Americans to start the Revolution; to realize what were the problems...
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