Contribution of Engineers in Society

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Question 5:

In this technological age, the power of the engineers in shaping the society and environment in all pervading and can profoundly affect the lives of many members of the society. Enumerate, from your personal experience, how largely positive impacts have accrued from the contributions of engineers.



In the eyes of public, an engineer is a professional man who is of sufficient training, expertise, and integrity as to be able to act with independence and impartiality in his professional judgments to ensure trust and confidence of public. Since ancient era to recent technological age, participation and contribution of engineers have been seen in all ways of life. Involvement and contributions of engineers are tremendous and playing important roles in almost all aspects of human being life. Let us discuss from the following few angles: -


Engineers in their profession, shall identify the safety and health risks in their works, assess them and take steps to minimize and control these risks in the work place and public arena. Engineers are involved in the search for safer work places and products. These search for improved safety benefited in reducing accidents and harm to the public.

Engineers are keenly aware that their work and recommendations can have a very major impact on the environment that we live in. The very car that we drive emits carbon dioxide that is causing warming of the atmosphere that eventual could lead to massive environmental disasters later. Engineers are at the very core of the research and development into ways and means to reduce emissions by example of hybrid cars, cars running on hydrogen or biofuel alternative.

Engineer has reduced greatly the negative impact from the sewerage generated by the increasing population. The sewerage produced by human being if not treated properly, will cause disastrous to the environment. Imagine what is going to happen if the underground water and...
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