Contribution of Eminent Muslim Scientists and Innovators

Topics: Islamic Golden Age, Averroes, Avicenna Pages: 37 (12867 words) Published: December 12, 2012
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In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful
It is a paradox of the present age that much of our anxiety, as indeed much of our hope, is centered on science and technology. The phenomenal discoveries in science and the spectacular advances in technology have placed terrifying powers in the hands of man, which exercised unwisely could bring about his self destruction. At the same time, only science and technology can ensure deliverance from the prevailing poverty, hunger, disease and deprivation that afflict most of mankind. The future hinges critically on the use of this great power placed by science at the disposal of mankind. Now this double-edged influence of science and technology has unfortunately precipitated a very unjust and iniquitous order in the world and, as a consequence, there is a continuing exploitation of the poor by the rich and the hegemony of the mighty over oppressed. In fact, the world has become so sharply divided and polarized today that one part of mankind is blessed with undreamt of influence and profusion of material goods, whereas the bulk of humanity in the developing world faces absolute poverty and unmitigated hardship and suffering. Science by itself, however, is neither secular nor religious, nor is it scared or profane. It is influenced by the social and intellectual milieu in which it grows. History is witness to the fact that the Muslim philosophical thoughts and scientific knowledge had essentially a moral and religious base. The entire scientific effort was directed toward the understanding of natural phenomena and towards the welfare and well-being of the humanity at large. The only aim was to serve mankind through science and technology and not to cause any aggression or destruction such as are being perpetrated today from the philosophy of moral relativism ethical anarchy and power arrogance in the present world. As a result, mistrust, insecurity and fear are increasing everyday and everywhere, must to the dismay of people at large. The inspiration, the conscience and the moral given by Islam for the acquisition, dissemination and advancement of knowledge are not only well known but are now recognized universally. History is witness to the fact that Muslim philosophical thought and scientific knowledge of its golden period had essentially a moral and religious base. The entire scientific effort was devoted towards understanding of natural phenomena, opening of new frontiers of knowledge, discovering of hidden resources and developing of new processes for the welfare and well-being of humanity at large. This moral was peace and prosperity through science and not war and destruction that we see today. At the zenith of its civilization of scientific achievement, Islam produced its own unique culture and tradition of science. It developed a mould of science and knowledge which progressed and flourished under the paradigm of belief in divine unity and the unity of universe and reflected the Islamic value-system. Islam always tried to integrate the sacred and the temporal. The application of knowledge and science in Islam is for beneficent ends and in harmony with the purposes of Creator. Consequently, knowledge was not considered an end in itself; it was mean for the attainment of higher moral and spiritual goals. The Islamic approach towards the cultivation of knowledge has always been holistic and integrated. Islam recognizes the relevance of social function with knowledge and value-system of the society. Islam believes that there is unity between man and his knowledge. Consequently, certain existing philosophies and there operational forms cannot be fully and completely assimilated and justified in the Islamic framework of knowledge and action. I would hereby like...
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