Contribution of Egyptian Civilization

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Alejandra Fraguada
Ancient & Medieval Western Civilization
Contributions of Egyptian Civilization

Ancient Egyptians were the first to use and invent linen, glass, ink and paper. They were the one who invented the alphabet, Geometry, clock and the calendar. They were the first to contribute to the refinement of dress and ornament. They introduced to us to the furniture, dwellings and to build magnificent buildings. Egypt contributed to that of human knowledge, invention, and scientific discoveries that surpass any other country including India, Mesopotamia and China. The Ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest and one of the most influential world civilizations. In the society and life field, they introduced the remarkable development of an orderly and peaceful government. There were primary and secondary educations as well as technical training, and they were the first united nation ruled by the first centralized government. Ancient Egypt had a census and also a postal service. There was an organized administration with offices and scribes. Ancient Egyptians introduced writing and also the first known literature as well as that of contributing to science and medicine. Ancient Egypt was one of the first to make a clear formulation known to us of individual and public conscience. The social structure was based on classes with the pharaoh and the royal family in the top and going down a hierarchy of social structure which included the nobles, the priests, the scribes, soldiers, the workers, the peasants and the foreigners. Pharaoh was the head of the state as well as a representative of God on earth. The strong centralized government ensured that the height fissures did not have any control in the political and economic power. Ancient Egyptian civilization has contributed to the new world civilization to a degree that has never reached before and is seldom equaled too. Their contributions were not lost although the finest examples of their...
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