Contribution of Agriculture to Bangladesh Ecconomy

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Executive summary
The report analyses in grave details the contribution of agriculture in the economy of Bangladesh compromising of: We first touch on the basic information of agriculture in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is an agriculture based country and it hugely depends on agriculture to contribute to income, generate employment and it is a vital element in achieving economic development. The report mentions the total percentage of population in rural areas who are engaged in agricultural activities. The information is simplified by a chart given in the report. Every sector has its advantages and disadvantages and the agricultural sector is no exception. We next represent the opportunities and constraints of agriculture in Bangladesh which would give you a brief idea about the strengths and weaknesses involved in this sector. In terms of government initiatives we discuss about the various strategies used by the government to enhance the development of this sector. Charts are shown to provide you a vivid explanation of the initiatives. Development activities in the agriculture sector comes next which states the development programmes implemented by the ministry of agriculture to find out the amount allocated and the amount spent in a fiscal year by them. GDP (gross domestic product) plays a vital role in enhancing economic development. The contribution of agriculture in GDP follows next were we explained how the elements of GDP are affected by this sector each year backed up by charts. Trend and structural transformation shows the changes in the structures of the three main sectors: agriculture, industry and service in the economy each year with charts which occurred due to changes in technologies, industrial establishments and foreign investments etc. The government gives high priority to this sector. The natural agricultural policies come next which includes policies that are undertaken to improve this sector. Eventually, we take a look at the Bangladesh agriculture research system which finds new ways to increase agriculture productivity in Bangladesh. Introduction

Despite early emphasis on industrialization through import substitution, a first major lesson of postwar experience was that there is a close connection between the rate of growth in the output of the agricultural sector and the general rate of economic development. Basically its role in the development of a economy is huge. Although it depends on a number of factors including the strength of the industries and natural resources. For example in Japan the electronics, automobiles and consumer goods dominates. Whereas in USA its role is very important despite having a highly evolved service industries. But place like Saudi Arabia where oil is the largest contributor, agriculture it’s not that important. In Bangladesh its importance and contribution is still alive as it was in the past. As this sector is the single largest contributor to income and employment generation and a vital element in achieving self sufficiency for sustainable economic development. The main crops which are associated with agriculture are- paddy, rice, wheat, jute etc. Although its contribution towards the economy has declined, nearly two-thirds are employed in this sector. As this is an agrarian country, this sectors contribution from past till now can never be overlooked. Below is the Bangladesh Agriculture map:

Basic information of agriculture of Bangladesh
As it’s an agro based country, its economy largely depends on it. This is a country where its land area, soil are very much suited to grow agricultural products in abundance. About 84 percent of the total population live in rural areas and are directly or indirectly engaged in a wide range of agricultural activities. Below a chart showing the Bangladesh agriculture in a simplified way.

| Bangladesh Agriculture at a Glance| |
Total family| :| 17,600,804|
Total farm holding| :| 15,089,000|
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