Contributing Factors to Low Performing Students

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Contributing Factors to Low Performing Students

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Students are facing with many issues in their lives, and because of the competing things for your attention, it’s hard to concentrate on studying. Studying can seem very boring when compared to any other exciting activity. You may even prefer doing non-sense things rather than to study your lessons. Too many people treat studying as the thing to do when you get around to it or have some spare time, too many people look at studying as necessary task, not an enjoyment or an opportunity to learn.( Grohol, 2006 )

Studying is important in our lives, especially to the lives of the students. Each student as unique individual has different abilities, approaches, ways of thinking, interests and ways of studying the lessons. These individual differences have significant influences on ones learning style and acquisition. Each student has different methods and ways of studying and these methods are sometimes helpful but some are not as effective as the others. (Oppapers, 2010)

Students’ low performance in school is not without consequences to either the students themselves or the school system. Problems like difficulty of adjustment to school works, distance of parents, rebellion against authority, feeling of basic inferiority and financial difficulty are often manifested by underachievement in school. However, these variables have contributed to the success or failure in the four year stay in high school but are perceived in different perspectives by the individual learners (Soberano, 2000). Bar-On and Parker (2000) stated that the school is a social environment with many demands on social competence. The young people who fail to get along with their peers in the classroom are likely to...
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