Contrasts between the Personalities of Alec and Angel

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  • Published : April 16, 2012
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Q- What are the contrasts between the personalities of Alec and Angel?

Tess of the Duber’villes is a novel written by Thomas Hardy. The main contrast between the character of Angel and Alec is that in the novel the character of Angel is presented as a protagonist while the character of Alec is shown as an antagonist. Both the characters have many contrasting features and different personalities. The difference of the personalities is visible from the appearance as well. when Thomas hardy gives an account of physical appearance of Alec he is shown as a man with swarthy complexion, full lips, curled moustaches and a look of barbarism in his contours while Angel is shown as a man who seems like a gentleman, handsome and soft spoken, fixed abstracted eyes, from his appearance he is shown as a man who has no care for material wealth. Besides the appearance Alec is a man with no morals or values which is apparent from the fact that he was impersonating, he wasn’t a d’Urbervilles by blood he had taken up Tess’s family name for the reason of nobility. In contrast to this Angel was a true gentleman he belonged to religious family his father was a parson at a church and they were respectable people. The obsessions of both the men for Tess was also very contrasting the emotions of Alec were based on lust while Angel truly loved Tess. Alec was the reason of Tess’s misery and despair he was the responsible for all her problems and sorrows while Angel was the sole reason of joy and happiness in her life, his mere presence was enough to comfort her and provide her a sense of security. Another star contrast between the two characters is Alec was the reason of Tess’s exploitation and depriving her off social status and respect while Angel married her and gave her respect and social status. Angel was a man of principles and kept his words while Alec was a man who like a rolling stone kept changing his position and his views which was evident in the novel when we see him as a...
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