Contrasting Two Artworks

Topics: Expressionism, Georges Rouault, Salvador Dalí Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Comparison Essay

The two artworks that are being compared and contrasted are Elephant from the Temptation of Saint Anthony by Salvador Dali and Christ on a Cross by Georges Rouault. Christ on a Cross depicts, as it title alludes to, Christ being hung on a cross; he is painted in a humbled but proud manor painted in an expressionist style. The Elephant from the Temptation of Saint Anthony portraits metaphorical images of strength, beauty, morality, and varying religions, trying to enter society, but Christ is doing all in his power to repress these ideals. The painters express their views on change in religion. The time frames of the two movements are similar, in fact they overlap. Surrealism took place roughly from 1920-1940 where expressionism took place majorly from early 1900’s and died down around 1930, but it really hasn’t ended as people still paint in expressionistic styles in the current day. Because of this overlap in time the two styles have some similar tendencies. The two painters were born in very different locations but they both moved to Paris to continue their careers. That is one of the main reasons for many of their similarities and differences in the two artworks. George Rouault was born in Germany into a poor family in 1871. He took up art, mostly religion based, after 1890 he moved to Paris. By 1917 he had dedicated himself to painting in the expressionist style. Where Salvador Dali was born in 1904 and attended drawing school as early as 1916. He was born in Spain, but did a lot of work in Paris and New York until he returned to his birth place in Barcelona to finish his artist career. Both artists express their views on religion through art; Georges Rouault tells the story of Christ and his major success, whereas Salvador Dali portrays one of Christ’s failed endeavors. Despite the contrasting level of skill each artist, conclusion of the work, and accuracy according to the bible religion was amplified as a result of the work created by...
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