Contrasting the Qualities of Cats and Dogs

Topics: Cat, English-language films, Dog Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Contrasting the Qualities of Cats and Dogs
Though dogs and cats are popular pets, they both have vastly different behaviors, attitudes, needs, and habits which require their owners to deal with them in various ways. They both lavish their owners with companionship and affection. There are lots of differences between cats and dogs, they are like day and night. For undying love and loyalty, and extra talk of protection, a dog is a suitable choice. Dogs generally are more loyal and affectionate, whereas cats are more conservative and show affection on their own terms. Dogs will never leave their owners alone when in danger; in contrast, cats are always ready to take an escape route. Dogs are more playful than cats, as dogs always greet their owners when they come home, and they never leave owners in bad situation. Dogs are strong animals, so they participate in games, but cats just let the fun happen around them. Also, dogs are social animals that need communication, while cats are independent, solitary creatures, and do not need as much. Generally, dogs are smarter and more active than cats. Dogs are trained by owners to do tricks without questioning their authority. Then after training, dogs can repeat exactly what they are commanded to do. Conversely, more time must be spent to train a cat, and they might not even listen to commands. Dogs tilt their heads and listen when talk to, while cats yawn and fall asleep. Studymode indicates that “Dogs can use their training skills for search and rescue, detect specific objects”, and assist mentally and physically impaired humans, however cats can be therapy. On the other hand, dogs cannot bathe themselves, and since they have to be washed, it sometimes becomes a pain, and not all dogs like baths. Cats clean themselves, and whenever that the sweet little purr is heard, it makes one think of the good reasons to having a cat. Cats are potty trained in a litter box and cover their waste up, which is a very good thing. The...
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