Contrast Between Different Marketing Concepts

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Contrast between production and product concepts:

In production concept marketers believe that customers will favor products that are available and in expensive, while Product concept makes marketers believe that products with most quality, features and performance will be favored by the customers. Under production concept, product gets cheap but under product concept, product usually gets expensive. Both of these concepts can lead to marketing myopia, but still useful in some situations. Products like ‘sun chips’ can follow the production concept, because Bangladesh is a developing country and people here have a limited ability to choose a high quality product, which is expensive, they usually choose a product which is available, inexpensive and with acceptable quality. Production concept is best in this situation.

Contrast between production and selling concepts:

Production concept tells us that, available and highly affordable products will be accepted and favored by the customers, while selling concept tells us that consumers and businesses, if left alone, will not buy enough o the company’s product, therefore large-scale selling and promotion effort is needed. Production concept can sometimes leads to marketing myopia but selling concept obviously leads to marketing myopia. Among production and selling concept, I think production concept is better because selling concept holds a huge risks and some poor assumptions, so in Bangladesh products like ‘sun chips’ should follow production concept.

Contrast between production and marketing concepts:

Developing a products production and distribution effort to make it available and affordable is the theme of production concept while Satisfying customers according to their needs and wants by providing the right product is the theme of marketing concept. Production concept places more emphasis on the product than the customers, on the other hand marketing concept is a customer-centered ‘sense and respond’ philosophy. Marketing concept never leads to marketing myopia while production concept can. In Production concept marketers can grab more market in a short time, but in marketing concept cannot. So in Bangladesh ‘sun chips’ can follow both concepts, or they can first follow the production and after reaching a certain stage can follow the marketing concept.

Contrast between production and societal marketing concepts:

Production concept is the idea that customers will favor a product which is not expensive but available, while societal marketing concept comes with the idea that company’s task is to understand needs, wants and interest of the customers and to deliver the desired satisfaction in a way that preserves the customers and society’s well-being. Societal marketing concept considers society’s welfare but production concept does not. Societal marketing concept does not lead to marketing myopia while production concept does. So for ‘sun chips’ following the production concept with some characteristics of societal marketing concept can be better.

Contrast between product and selling concepts:
Product concept deals with products of high quality, performance and features while selling concept deals with unsought products. selling concept is a kind of aggressive selling but product concept is selling by attracting customers. Product concept sometimes leads to marketing myopia while selling concept definitely leads to marketing myopia. A product under product concept can be successful by properly priced, distributed, and advertised, still in such condition product under selling concept can holds risk. So for ‘sun chips’ none of these concept should be followed.

Contrast between product and marketing concepts:

In product concept, company tries to develop their products quality and performance while in marketing concept, company tries to understand customer’s needs and wants and satisfy them with existing or developed products. To be successful,...
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