Contract Security vs. Proprietary Security

Topics: Security guard, Security, National security Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Contract Security vs. Proprietary Security
Christopher R Raetano
University of Phoenix

Security is an essential part of any organization. Our manufacturing plant is no different. In this manufacturing plant we are tasked with making high-tech components for an international automobile manufacture. It is our responsibility as a company to ensure that those components reach the manufacture in a timely manner and intact. Because of the cost associated with the manufacturing these high-tech components it is my responsibility as the security manager to recommend a security service that suits our business and can be integrated seamlessly into daily operations. There are two types of security systems that could be used, a contract security agency or a proprietary security system. Contract security is much like what it sounds. The company hires an outside company to provide security services. “Contract security companies recruit, screen, hire, train and supervise security personnel. From the time we wake until the time we go to bed and sometimes in the middle of the night, everything we do is all geared to enhancing the tasks we perform. If security is not your company's core competency, this job will be better performed and supported by people who focus on it relentlessly.” (Zalud, 2007) The advantage to hiring contact security is all applications of security are controlled by an outside agency. If we are unsatisfied with the style or type of service we receive we can terminate the contract. This is also a disadvantage, because we lack the control of the guards, discipline is handled through the security company. There is also the cost of having contract security. It is in the company’s best interest to negotiate a contract that provides reliable security but not at the cost of handcuffing the company in other aspects of security. Proprietary security is the exact opposite of contract security. With proprietary security all security personnel...
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